Natalie Joos: On looking forward to 2013

by Tamu McPherson

To celebrate the incredible year that 2012 turned out to be and to welcome the promise that 2013 holds, I reached out to some of the women who inspire me the most to find out their thoughts on 2012 and goals for 2013. Natalie (casting agent, stylist and blogger) is my second guest of the series. To find out who she’ll be thanking while 2012 is still here and to see some more images of her incredible style…

What did 2012 teach you?
That time flies way too fast.

Three words you would like to use more often in the New Year.
I love you.

One person you would like to thank while 2012 is still here.
The barista at Black Brick Coffee for inventing my own personal iced coffee drink. Thanks dude. I’m addicted now. And broke!

Someone you would like to meet in 2013.
My baby daddy.

A trip you will take in the new year.

The first piece you will add to your closet in the new year.
I want new curtains. Does that count? : – D

Your top project for 2013.
Capsule collections!

What would you like to improve about yourself in the new year?
I would love to stop biting my nails.

Your first e-mail or text of the new year. Who are you writing it to?
My first text is always to my mom: Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!!

The dish that won’t be missing from your new year’s table.
I will be in Belgium so I’d like to see some fries, mayonnaise and chocolate mousse.

The soundtrack to your new year.
Something that sounds like hard techno!!

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